V2O Vitamin Water hits Brunei

Aiking Trading released V2O Vitamin Water better known for its smart-cap structured container which protects vitamins—sensitive to light, heat, water, and oxygen—from being oxidized or destroyed rapidly.

V2O’s patented container has a unique double cap structure with the inner smart-cap protecting the water-soluble vitamins from being destroyed by light or heat while the outer cap holds the smart-cap and the bottle tight. When the bottle is twisted open, the vitamins held inside the smart-cap is mixed with the water offering better nutritional value to customers. The fun part is that people can actually see the vitamins in different colors. The bottle also comes in a solid plastic to protect the contents from ultraviolet radiation. 

With the advanced bottle design, V20 is able to keep 350mg of vitamin C intact along with vitamin E, A, D3, and biotin. The multi-vitamin water comes as sugar-free with 19 calories only for a 370ml bottle.

Soon after the prototype was first revealed in Korea last year, V20 Vitamin Water has emerged as the darling of the industry drawing attention from consumers in their teens to 30’s. V20 is ready to hit the global market starting from Brunei, Australia, USA, Indonesia, Italy, and UK.

Exclusively distributed by Aiking Trading, with tel. nos.: 2640209 and 2640210, the drinks hit stores with overwhelming responds from its consumers.

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