Afiat Cooking Oil

100% pure oil so the great flavour of your food comes through. Afiat oils have become a healthy choice in Brunei cooking - an oil for your specific cooking needs.

Oil Type Corn Canola Soya Bean Sunflower
Deep Fry Excellent - Good Excellent
Stir Fry Excellent Good    
Sauté/Pan Fry Excellent Acceptable    
Salad Good Excellent Good Salad Dressing  
Baking Good Good    
For Crisp yet tender cooking

Retains natural flavours of food

Light, mild taste Light, rich in proteins

Clean, neutral taste and has No odour and favouring which means it supports the aroma and flavour of your food. It does not transfer flavour since it is a neutral oil. you can simply strain and reuse it for anything.

Light, sparkling - absorb less oil

rich in Vitamin E



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